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Not sure where to go, what to do, or who to be next?



I have long sought to draw together and tailor-make something that gives us the best of coaching, counseling, and consulting practices. I am drawn to timeless spiritual disciplines. I am an eager innovator that understands the importance of practical, tangible steps to achieve big goals.


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How I Can Help You

So many men today are lost living out of a fraction of their heart, disconnected from the meaning of their story, and paralyzed with discontent or uncertainty. The sad reality is too often life causes us to lose touch with who we really are and what we are striving for. The end result is feeling stuck, aimless and ultimately like we are living the life of a lesser man.

What if we could uncover markers in our own story--strengths in how we are made up that could leverage us out of "stuck" and point us towards a full, rich way of life?
We can, and you don't have to navigate that journey alone. I'm here to be your ally in this essential work, by connecting you with resources that bring clarity to how you are made up, introducing you to practical tools that are proven to drive success, and providing clarity on your mission and desired legacy.

​We no longer need to be men who are lost--rather we can be men who are found.

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"I went to Chris out of a place of hurt, confusion, and brokenness. I desired immediate answers and solutions to my problems. While he could have offered short-term fixes, he chose to take a long-term approach toward healing. His coaching has helped me see the man I am and who I am created to be. I have a much better understanding of my strength, weakness, character, and tendencies as an individual. With this I've learned to approach life with clear direction and purpose, leading to true healing and freedom. Chris may be considered a counselor and coach, but more than that I consider him a mentor and friend."